The Neon Pagoda

Tao is the enforcer for The Neon Pagoda, the institute/organization that upholds Giri. When someone needs debts owed to them taken care of, this task falls to Tao.

The Neon Pagoda is unique because a prosperous marketplace, largely self-governing, has grown up around it.

The Neon Pagoda is revered because it is ingrained in society

Features of the surroundings and atmosphere of The Neon Pagoda:

  • Music 
  • Holoscreens 
  • A tranquil dojo 
  • Personal liberty 
  • An impression of peace

Choose 3–5 circumstances that generate Giri in society and the penalties for breaking them.
Incurring Giri:

  • If they offer you comfort.
  • If you offend someone’s honor.
  • If you make a mistake that harms another.
  • When you give someone a possession with no cred exchanged
  • When a mutual agreement is broken.

You didn’t create these penalties for breaking Giri but it is your responsibility to enforce them:

  • Punitive violence
  • Penance involving sacrifice

The Neon Pagoda

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